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Country Fair was born one sunny day in May, 1978, when I convinced my Mom to do a craft show with me on the beautiful grounds of Mt. Holyoke College, in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

I had a 7 month old son at the time, so my craft consisted of baby decor..such as diaper stackers, bibs, growth charts and other baby related items. My husband (not knowing what was in store for him) eagerly designed and built a display for me, I borrowed a folding table, grabbed Mom, and off we went! I made a meager $87.00 that day, but I had found something niche in life.

Two sisters later joined that baby boy, and our "crafty" family was complete. Scott, Sara, and Samantha have graduated from UMass, MIT, and Wentworth Intitute of Technology respectively and all (fortunately) have excellent jobs.

My new "career" which began that day in 1978, enabled me to be a stay at home mom and have the pleasure of watching my babies grow. It allowed me to contribute to the family income, and more importantly it satisfied my passion for sewing and creating.


I can't remember a time when I didn't sew. My Mom and Grandmaman were very talented ladies and I learned so much from them. We lost Grandmaman in 1984 at age 93, and 18 months later, my crafting buddy, my Mom, joined her after a courageous, hard-fought battle with cancer. I know they are together guiding me from above, and quite certain that they would be proud of my accomplishments.

A "professional crafter" cannot be successful without the support of family, and I have been truly blessed. My husband, the official "roadie", has willingly set up and dismantled my booth at craft shows for over 30 years. The children have taken turns packing the truck, helping to set up the booth, and often working the shows with me. I'd like to think that has made us a stronger family.
So...for all the times that dinner was far from "gourmet", and everyone was asked to pitch in, I am forever grateful to my wonderful husband, Frank, and our children Scott, Sara, and Samantha for putting up with the demands of a crafter with minimal complaining.

This year we celebrated the marriage of our daughter Sara to Jake.

left to right: My husband of 36 years Frank, Sara, Jake and me (Joanne)

my children...Samantha, Sara, and Scott.


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